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Top 13 Sources Of Material Design Inspirations In
World Web Technology is an India and USA based top notched Professional Web Design Company shares Top 13 Sources Of Material Design Inspirations In 2017! For more info -
Best-woocommerce-blogs-sites Orig
World Web Technology, a leading WooCommerce Development Company shares information about Best WooCommerce Blog Sites to learn WooCommerce. Grab the best list for your next E-Commerce Development Solutions.
World Web Technology, A USA & India based WordPress Development Company shares the best information about how to make your WordPress Blog Popular and Attractive.
WordPress Development Company – Find the major benefits of WordPress and know the best information about how wordpress is helpful to boost your business website.
In this ever-evolving era of World Wide Web, registering online presence is imperative which brings certain tricks and tips to improve the quality of your website, especially if you are using WordPress platform. Fast loading website is one of the major factors for the success of online business. If you know how to improve the quality of your WordPress plugins and themes you are good to go. If you’re planning to create a website and do not know the nuances of technology especially about plugins and WordPress themes development.

Moreover, you should also have a good idea how to improve the quality of WordPress themes and plugins. Let’s have an insight what factors should you consider having a great quality plugin and theme!

Attributes that Make Code a “Quality” Code

There are some traits of quality code that you need to consider to improve the quality of your WordPress themes and plugins. Here are those qualities that your code should have for great quality plugins and themes:

1. Standards-Compliant and Correct Code

The first and foremost factor that establishes the quality of any code is its standards-compliant nature. It should be as per W3C web standards that work well in modern browsers and mobile devices equally.

When your code is standards-compliant, it will impregnate following attributes:

  • Semantic code using HTML5
  • Avoid unwanted IDs
  • Markup correctly, leveraging the document tree complying with the standards and ensuring right use of the <head> and <body> components.
  • Use CSS not HTML
  • Multiple browsers and cross-device compatible
  • Display images in HTML and decorative images in CSS
  • Cross-device and browser compatibility
  • Right use of the heading elements, i.e. in right order
You may use CSS and W3C’s HTML tools for code validity

2. Accurate Use of Hooks, Functions & Classes

The right use of WordPress tools is also of the essence when it comes to using the high-end code.

  • You need to accustomed with the WordPress APIs and right use the right ones in your code
  • Avoid using hard code like using functions for links as it is done by WordPress
  • Don’t use query_posts as it slows down your code
  • Right call of scripts and libraries is necessary using a function
  • It is best to correctly call files leveraging desired functions in plugins and adding tags in template files

3. Maintainable Code

In addition to logical, well-structured and valid code there are several aspects to consider for making your code maintainable during the development of custom WordPress theme!

  • Create your themes logically, utilizing extra template files when required
  • You should use the right code with the help of template like loop.php
  • Using filters in your plugins and themes will help users to change your code if needed without hacking it
  • Avoid multiple features to your theme and use it only for presentation and plugin for functionality
  • Adding hooks in themes will enable your users to incorporate extra content easily

4. Easily Accessible Code

Accessibility is the core to the W3C standards. If your code is not easily accessible for visitors, it won’t work well.

To understand how to make your WordPress code accessible, read the Codex page on accessibility. Be aware of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) also.

To make your theme more accessible following tips you should follow:

  • Correct use of headings and ARIA roles.
  • Use right and logical text in links
  • Use right elements and enable navigation with the keyboard also apart from the mouse
  • Use contrast in your backgrounds and foregrounds
  • Add a ‘skip to content’ link on reaching a page
  • Use alt attribute for photos and use correct markup for forms
  • Never use auto-play any media

5. Internationalize your Code

Internationalisation ensures people speaking other languages can also interact with your themes and plugins. It can translate any text coded into your themes and plugins

6. Maintain WordPress Coding Standards

WordPress has its set of coding standards that need to be complied with. This includes coding standards for PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

For PHP standards use longhand PHP tags, single and double quotes, spaces after commas, braces and indentation, use functions to access the database, understand which hooks, classes, and hooks should you use in code and which not.

Use W3C compliant HTML for best results.

For complying with WordPress CSS standards your style sheets should be legible, group common properties, use semicolons, spaces, and commas, use indentation and create an index of indentations used at the bottom of your style sheets.

To abide by the JavaScript standards, use sufficient space for good legibility, split long objects, use semicolons, use line breaks, braces, use the correct type of object, avoid switch statements, code coded correctly when required, and always use objects, arrays, and iteration properly.

7. Secure Code

Secure your code by validating and sanitizing data input, use links only if required, fix any security issues in code and update it, do not write to files or directories, unless extremely necessary, do not pull codes from third party source, avoid obfuscated code and do not collect user data without approval.

Above listed tips are the most effective aspects you should follow to keep your code highly secure, of the best quality and flawless to make your themes and plugins work well.

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